Sunday, September 15, 2013

Funeral Planning 101

Funeral Planning 101

Boomers are starting to feel 'the Big Chill', and are beginning to put their affairs in order.  So we've posted a simple Funeral Planning Worksheet to our web site for anyone to easily print out and fill in their personal information and final choices. The forethought of pulling all this data together for your family ahead of time is one of the most generous gifts you can give them. At a time when they are emotionally distressed beyond measure, they must provide a) your personal information, much of which will take digging and research, and b) myriad personal choices and decisions regarding your funeral.

Think about some of the information that will be needed - if you died tomorrow, would your spouse know your mother's middle name?  Your father's birthplace?  Your mother's date of birth? Your preferences about burial versus cremation? Who you might have chosen to deliver the eulogy at your funeral?  All these details can be available in a place you've made known to at least one family member, to save them all the stress of scrambling to assemble it, at the very moment when they are least capable of doing so.

Boomers are also beginning to re-invent the traditional funeral - look in the obits, and you'll see that funerals have been rebranded as Life Celebrations.  People are pre-planning their Life Celebration as their big final party, complete with a CD of the music they would like played during their memorial service.  In addition to traditional services at the funeral home or church, Memorial Services are now being staged creatively in alternative locations that reflect meaningfully of the loved one - places like golf courses, pubs, ski lodges, restaurants, community halls and bowling alleys.

This Funeral Planning Worksheet is free, printer friendly, and it's just about the nicest thing you can do for your family.

Is this something you can see the benefit of doing? At what age do you think one should record their personal information and preferences?

Barbara Bergen is Designer/CEO of Cremation Urns by Legacy, makers of "some of the most beautiful cremation urns to be found anywhere" (a testimonial quote from a customer).