Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cremation Urns 10% Discount

Cremation Urns and Keepsakes - 10% Discount Code GP10

Full Size Adult Urn with Sphere Top for Mementos
Many bereaved families have recognized at the time of a funeral that they were in too fragile an emotional state to begin shopping for a cremation urn or keepsake memorial that would truly befit their loved one's style and personality. Rather, they elected to accept the box containing the ashes from the crematory temporarily, to give themselves time to earnestly research and find 'the right urn'. If you've found this post, then in all likelihood you have found the right moment to find the urn that will represent your loved one's spirit.
Various Engravable 'Tiffany Style Iridescent' Memorial Keepsake Urns

We therefore thought it might be helpful to extend a discount, giving families 10% off any and all of our cremation urn products and keepsakes.  Simply go to our web store, Cremation Urns by Legacy,  peruse our exceptionally artistic products, and when you have found the perfect urn or keepsake, click the 'Buy Now' button and enter this Discount Code during checkout: GP10.  (There is a small window on the one-page checkout that prompts you to enter your Coupon Code.)

Celtic Cross Sterling Silver Cremation Pendant
Free shipping by ground applies to all destinations within continental North America (including Alaska) and anywhere in Canada. All of our products are also tax free and duty free to our US customers, and all pricing is in US dollars.

This discount code, GP10, is applicable at checkout to any and all of our adult cremation urns, keepsake urns, infant cremation urns, cremation jewelry and pet urns.  (The only exceptions to the 10% discount are our Gift Cards and Express Air Shipping, if free ground shipping is not fast enough.)

We hope this coupon code, GP10, will help to bring comfort and closure to you and your family, by bringing you to our fine urn collection, where you may find the perfect cremation urn or memorial keepsake that beautifully represents the unique and enduring spirit of your loved one.

Barbara Bergen is Designer and CEO for Cremation Urns by Legacy.  She works with highly acclaimed artists and artisans to create what one customer has declared are "... some of the most beautiful cremation urns and keepsakes ... anywhere." - PB, San Diego, CA.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Poppies Keepsakes for Veterans Day

Poppies Keepsake Memorial

Poppies Keepsakes for Veterans Day 

November 11th is Veterans Day in the USA, also known as Remembrance Day in Canada, and it marks the end of World War I, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.  With ceremony, parades, and a moment of silence at 11:00am, we reflect on the immense debt of gratitude every one of us owes to our military men and women.  This day not only commemorates those who have given their lives, it honors all who have served their country. Their courage and commitment to protecting our homeland, and indeed the world at large, warrant the deepest respect.

By wearing a brilliant red poppy at this time of year, we are able to display our thanks on our lapels, at the same time as making as small tangible donation to elderly veterans, many of whom need financial help in their senior years, or to returning veterans who have encountered difficulty re-entering life at home. The purchase of a poppy pin is a small token of appreciation we can confer to them.

There are approximately 21 million veterans in the US.  At roughly 6.7% of the population, chances are that nearly everyone knows a family with a military member.  Many families' war veterans have passed on, and it is important to cultivate gratitude and remembrance among our younger generation.  Whether it's a young person's grandfather who was a hero in World War II, or a family who has lost its son or daughter, brother or sister, father or mother, there are many ways to keep their memory alive.  A corner of the fireplace mantel is reserved for a gathering of framed photos.  A section of the china cabinet houses military medals of honor.  The flag is flown at half mast in towns and cities for fallen soldiers.

Some families have found comfort in adding a small keepsake to their shrine of remembrance.  At this time of year, keepsake mementos with the pervasive poppies motif may be given as gifts to help honor the ones we have lost.

A keepsake memorial does not need to be big - in fact, sometimes smaller is better.  If it fits into the palm of one's hand, it can help with processing grief, healing over time, and remembrance for future generations through a permanent small memorial.

Acknowledging our gratitude helps us all to cope with our loss, and honor our military family members. Please share the stories of heroism and service you've known by leaving a comment here. 

Barbara Bergen is a designer of cremation urns and keepsake memorials with Cremation Urns by Legacy.  Her full collection may be seen at