Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gift Cards for Cremation Urns

At the anniversary of the birth of death of a loved one, or at occasions such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, we can feel the loss most strongly, as we mark another year without them.

For some families, the focus of these dates will be on gathering together and supporting one another through grief and loss.  Sometimes the loss is so recent that a funeral urn or memorial keepsake has not yet been chosen. Often times, the family is too overwhelmed with the funeral and its aftermath, and they simply defer the idea of shopping for an urn until later, when they will be more emotionally capable of addressing it. 

This is why we have created a Gift Card plan that easily enables a family member to send a gift amount to another person, or to several persons at once, which will then allow them to choose the urn or keepsake they would like from our web store.

For example, when a husband loses his wife, he and his family have put off shopping for an urn. When he is ready to look for an urn or keepsake with which to memorialize her, he may go to our web store to buy his wife's urn for himself, and Gift Cards for any amount he likes for each of his children, so they may each order a keepsake memorial or memento.  The Gift Cards will be automatically emailed to each of the children's email addresses, with a Gift Code.  When each one decides to use the Gift Code, they simply shop from our web site, and during checkout they will be prompted to enter the Gift Card code.

Or, if the children wish to go together on a funeral urn as a gift to their father, each of them may go to our Gift Card page, and buy a Gift Card in any amount each of them wishes.  A Gift Card code will then be emailed to their father from each of them, for use on our web site at any time he wishes to buy an urn or keepsake.  He may then combine all the Gift Card codes together to make one purchase of a special funeral urn or memorial keepsake.

Families who have lost a pet may also find closure by creating a beautiful memorial with one of our artistic spherical pet urns.

Our urns for ashes and memorial keepsakes are designed to offer beautiful choices, so that your family may find an inspiring piece that reflects the beautiful spirit of your loved one.  We believe in healing through beauty, and that closure may be found by honoring your loved one with a beautiful resting place. 

Barbara Bergen is Designer and CEO of Cremation Urns by Legacy, a web store with Free Ground Shipping to all points in the continental USA and Canada.