Friday, January 10, 2014

Cremation Urns by Size

How do we know what size of cremation urn to buy? There is a simple rule of thumb for choosing the right size urn to contain the ashes from your loved one - it is this: 1 pound of body weight = 1 cubic inch of ashes.  This rule over-compensates for differences in body composition, because 1 pound of body weight actually renders a little less than 1 cubic inch of ash, also known as cremains.

For ease of finding and choosing the right size funeral urn for your loved one, we have created a search function in our web site that enables you to search by urn size, on this page called Cremation Urns by Size.

Full Size Adult Urn and Matching Keepsakes
Urns for ashes come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common standard size for an adult urn is 200 cubic inches, such as the Meadow urn pictured here.  This sphere-topped urn contains the cremains from a person up to 200 pounds within the urn vessel, and the additional 12 cubic inch sphere top may hold mementos such as wedding rings, photos, a poem or a lock of hair, separately from the ashes.  However, there are many full size urns available that are smaller, and also many that are larger than the standard 200 cubic inches.  The span of sizes resembles sizes in clothing, ranging from small to extra large.

There are also various sizes in keepsake urns.  Sometimes a family will wish to choose a full size urn for their loved one, as well as one or more keepsakes, such as the matching Meadow sphere or keepsake glass heart shown here.  Keepsakes may function as vessels for a portion of the ashes, or they may serve as a memorial only.  For example, our spherical keepsake urn holds up to 12 cubic inches of ashes, and may be engraved on its brass closure and/or on its brass ring stand with name, dates and a few loving words.  Our keepsake heart contains no ashes at all, but is intended instead as a consoling heirloom memorial which may be laser engraved on the back, and is sized to fit perfectly in the palm of one's hand.

The most difficult loss of all is that of a child, and creating a memorial can be one of the most healing acts in the process of moving through such deep grief.  Some of our Keepsake Urns may be used as Infant Cremation Urns, and most of these may be engraved to create a beautiful in-home memorial.

We are hopeful that your search for the perfect urn for your loved one is made easier with the help of the size search function in our site.  Searching Cremation Urns by Size will distill the choices to the closest size to your loved one's weight.  You will want to be sure that the ashes will all be contained within the urn of your choice, and of course, you can always choose an urn that is bigger than necessary.

Barbara Bergen is Designer and CEO for Cremation Urns by Legacy, whose collection of extraordinary funeral urns is meant to uplift and inspire loving memories for years to come.