Friday, April 20, 2018

Sizes of Cremation Urns

Cremation Urn and Keepsake Memorial Sizes
Urn and Matching Keepsake

As a designer of cremation urns and keepsakes, I try to offer a variety sizes to answer all the options a family may be considering for creating a beautiful and meaningful memorial to their loved one. To me, the purpose of an urn memorial is to honor the loved one by aptly capturing their essence in an urn or keepsake, that will inspire loving memories for years to come. The size of the memorial can be big or small, depending on whether the family wishes to keep all the ashes in one urn, or to divide the ashes among several keepsakes, or to scatter some or all of the ashes.

Medium Cremation Urn holds up to 175 cubic inches
The standard full-size adult urn is 200 cubic inches, as prescribed by CANA, the Cremation Association of North America.  200 cubic inches is the volume needed to contain the ashes of someone whose healthy weight was up to 200 pounds.  I also have designed a line of more petite Medium size urns, from our Reflections Series, that are 175 cubic inches -- one of these urns will contain the ashes of one who weighed up to 175 lbs. 

This Small Keepsake holds up to 12 cubic inches
If the family wishes to share the ashes among family members, then each of the vessels will be a keepsake size. My keepsake urns vary in size from 75 cubic inches, to 35, 30, 18, 12 and 1 cubic inches.  When families live at great distances from one another, they will sometimes choose to divide the ashes into several keepsakes, or sometimes in one urn plus one or more keepsakes.  In this case, use 'The Formula' to add up the volume capacities of the urn plus all the keepsakes:  one pound of healthy weight = one cubic inch of ashes.

Some families choose to conduct a scattering ceremony, which can be a beautiful and intimate ritual, usually attended by immediate family members and possibly a very close friend. I know of one family who chose to scatter the ashes -- they used the urn as the scattering vessel, and they now use the empty urn vessel as a vase to hold flowers, which goes on the table during every family gathering.  

Depending upon the size of the person and the family’s choice to divide or scatter the ashes, the size of the urn or keepsake can vary. Whether big or small, a memorial stands for the unique style and personality of our loved one.  A full size cremation urn or a small keepsake will evoke loving memories of their beautiful spirit.
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