Thursday, May 10, 2018

What Size Are Cremation Urns?

We often hear the question posed:  "What size are cremation urns?" 
Various Sizes of Urns and Keepsakes
Those who are searching for a cremation urn or keepsake are sometimes unsure about the size they should be looking for.  

When we experience the death of a loved one, there are so many immediate details to consider and decide upon, it can be overwhelming. And these myriad decisions are required at exactly the same time when we are distressed and least capable, emotionally, of researching and making informed choices.

The main rule of thumb about urn sizes is this: one pound of healthy body weight is approximately equal to one cubic inch of ashes.  In other words, if your loved one weighed 180 lbs., then you would need an urn with at least 180 cubic inches of interior volume. 

The standard size of most cremation urns is 200 cubic inches, to hold the ashes of one who weighed up to 200 lbs.  However, there are urns that are larger and some that are smaller than this standard size, so it's important when searching for a funeral urn online to check its cubic inch volume in the details of the description, before buying it.
Iridescent Green Mini Urn

We have 10 different sizes of urns and keepsakes in our web store Cremation Urns by Legacy that range from 200 cubic inches for adult urns, to 175 cubic inches for more petite adult urns, to keepsake spheres in 5 sizes, plus mini urns to hold 1 cubic inch, and cremation jewelry that contains only a pinch of ashes.  If the family has decided to divide the ashes, then there are many different sizes of keepsakes to consider.
Celtic Cross Sterling Urn Pendant

We also have a search function within our web store, to help narrow down what urns are available, based on your loved one's weight, or based on the number of family members who intend to share the ashes.  Here is the link to the search page by weight.  Look on the left of the page, where various weight/volume categories are offered.

Also, here is a brief video that outlines the 4 factors that affect the size of the cremation urn and/or keepsake you will choose:  What Size Are Cremation Urns?  

When the time comes to select an urn or keepsake, we hope this has been helpful.  Please use our Friends and Family coupon code, FAF10 -- simply enter it during checkout for 10% off your entire purchase, and free shipping to Canada or the United States.